Trekking on Mount Kenya

Join us trekking to the top of Mount Kenya! Or enjoy climbing or just a walk to see the magnificent sunset over the grassy flatlands of Kenya.

We offer you inexpensive, personally adapted guidance and help with your
planning and execution of tracking, hiking or climbing Mount Kenya.

This massive old volcano offers a very wide variety of sceneries, tracking routes and sights from its peak areas.
If you want to go straight for climbing, we can help you in planning and executing your climb.
Do you instead like hiking or tracking, we will help you with that. We will also adapt to your wishes to visit particular sights, sceneries, fauna or flora.
Basic facilities include guide, carrier(s), and cook.

Since we are ourselves mountain people and have worked in these various capacities for a long time, we provide hands-on experience and advice. This includes
time-of the year weather, equipment needed depending on your plans (clothing, etc.), personal fitness required, and time to be allowed for the trip and other questions you may have.

We are obliged to give you the best possible quality of services possible.

Duncan Nderitu Nderitu

2 responses

13 05 2010
oliver James

Hi Duncan!

As we have returned from our holiday now i want to send you this Email to thank you for your unique mountain Experience my wife Judy and me had on Mount Kenya.

I want to give you my gratitude for your experience and the whole crew who was with us on the mountain and supported us in reaching our goal.

Originally we wanted to do the Trip with a whole group from Austria with about 10 People but the rest of the group changed their plans to next year. I will definitely make them to contact you and highly recommend them to arrange their Trip with your company.


19 06 2019

Having dreaming of climbing mount Kenya I didn’t with Duncan Nderitu Kihara. Well experienced technical guide and trekking guide in East Africa mountains. He organised our expedition team for mount Kenya climb. If you wish to climb up the mountain contact him.

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